Name: Aramidfaser-Packungseigenschaften: aus Aramidfasergewebe gewebt, solche Packung als andere Packung, die sich an einen hohen Druck anpassen kann, hat eine stahlähnliche Festigkeit. Dieses Produkt kann alleine verwendet werden. Sie können auch andere Verpackungen verwenden, die gemischt werden werden. Die Kevlar-Packung hat die Asbest-Packung im Pumpensystem ersetzt. Kevlar-Verpackung kann eine andere Verpackung sein. Modell: FD-P215 Spezifikation: 4mm-50mm Hitzebeständige Temperatur: -100-360 ° C Verpackung: gewebter Beutel, Karton Zahlung: T / T vor Versand Menge: 500m Produktionskapazität: 20000m / Monat Transport: Meer oder Luft


zsNingbo Fidek sealing technology co.,ltd. Heat Prevention Products Factory was founded in 2004, is a leader specialized in producing all kinds of heat prevention and insulation products. Main products include fiberglass products, ceramic aluminum silicate fiber products, silicone rubber coating products, furnace door and oven sealing strips, aramid fiber PTFE graphite packing, refractory sealing gaskets, all kinds of commercial and household lampwick, etc. Our customized heat insulation packages for irregular parts are professional and have achieved good reputation.

After over 10 years development, our factory has expanded from 1000 ㎡ to 9000 ㎡. Now, we have equipped with hundreds of production equipments, as well as advanced manufacturing process, so as to improve quality and increase efficiency. Our company has achieved ISO9001:2008, SGS, ROHS, and FDA certifications, as well as several patents and national textile certification. Our products are exported to more than 30 countries in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, etc.

We have a professional R&D team, which is commitment to develop new products, and a powerful sales team, which is to keep our products in a leading position. Our products are mainly used in fireplace, oven, hotel accessories, automotive exhaust pipe heat preservation, small household furnace heat insulation, large-capacity boiler heat insulation, and some machinery and equipment used in hot environment and need heat insulation such as filtration, vulcanization, yacht, smelting, lamps and lanterns, medical treatment, vehicle, catering, and construction industries.

Our factory is located in No.15, Heshan Road, Tianhua Industrial Park, Langxia Street, Ningbo Fidek sealing technology co.,ltd. Fidek sealing technology co.,ltd. , Zhejiang Province, China. Sincerely welcome domestic and foreign customers.